Finally!  An Easy Way To Raise Funds For Your Group

Need funds for your group or organization?  Hate sales?  We’ve got the answer.  What if there was a way to get consistent cash without selling anything?  Plenty of our members are doing just that, and they say it couldn’t be easier.

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Student Groups and Scouts

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Church Groups and Charities

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Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups

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Other Organizations

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So How does it work?

Huge companies with fat marketing budgets are always paying for potential customers, or leads.  They collect these leads by the truckloads.  And they pay well for them.  Sometimes, very well.

And as soon as you join our service, every time any of your members or “donors” expresses even the slightest curiosity in any of our large group of companies or products, you get paid.

You don’t need to do any selling or promoting.  Just present it.  Even if they say, “Thanks, but no thanks,” you can still get paid.

A lot.

Your donors are already interested in certain products, right?  And these huge companies have tons of money in their marketing budgets, right?  All you’ve got to do is introduce them, and get paid every time somebody asks for information.

It’s actually pretty simple.

Your donors get the information they want.  Those big companies get the leads they want.  Your organization gets a steady stream of easy cash.


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